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Accelerate your career.

Unparalleled education

An immersive internship

An unforgettable summer abroad

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Explore a new world.

Choose between three breathtaking, and culturally rich cities.

Click through the images below. There's so much to be uncovered!

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Lisbon bus 8b38593b0218ea47bd6221d27ce925e5a62e0381830dfbff197545ea17006285
Lisbon wine 032dad7f2c341b18d52251d8285c380ab2d44f91c7a5343637326b8ae9b15eed
Lisbon castle f8b04d6cf45b4b9e619d583e6513fbbb20a749826606754b01de5dd25d4bff16
Lisbon surf 9939bb0665ed264600c96e15d4c2dadbf4157ca23648d4499d4d228d7c37c0f8
Lisbon tram 2b302ff517dd686b16a573a4fc6354d3c7d19cee191ac100bf1946e02ce468c6
Berlin 01071555fc3567234f6b2927b7738c6a36c257063354a4a663c0745e5216a52a
Berlin techno fc5e93ee55a3c39c9ad21615170ebb5ef3768bdfe6a0f55dec91f3824a7e6317
Berlin flag d01777217bb9f656f7a09349e86557595e6082ddc6086d82a17c3517a22187bf
Berlin hipster 1bb3b99f5243b2d442b2bf207ba767d0f62ad1049cb649ddaa18133613d0a8ca
Cape town 17a64301b2ccfed394ae08cdd7c87d80a9014579df32c847635aecbef2ca11a2
Capetown paint 81104ca9b453d3d5c6e724f31da26b0cf96718872e8a03038b2d9b540b095df9
Capetown sunset 1cb3ee9e88d4f1419b82a7a3d4c7d701f790853a0bf6061751f963b2184c09d4
Capetown hike 981db23411bda52eb58d10bc44c7d94f31535d7776216b6e82e9ee5b61b364d0
Capetown class 4a46042809f7c8c5dc916beca0d6d17c2a2fc633651d82ec7a13a1b23ba17055
Capetown surf 00187588581fc599a541f1375fc53b589c215a817cf0714de494e1c7b756e6ab

Day in the life of an iX student

Click through the tabs below to get an idea of what you will do on the daily.

Waking up as a new iX student, you'll find yourself in the iX Accommodation - located in a trendy and scenic part of the city.

8 oclock 0cdbec0079d1ba45e8f42e0cae18835cd805a3c4de1fad91002b193fed6dd096

Whether you have a morning or afternoon class, it’s best to get up early and seize the day. Stroll down to a local cafe and get your caffeine fix. You might even run into your teacher getting theirs too.

8 30 oclock d492a1b84e77b9041794cacaca1eaeeda30fed1af5b2248030870fa2ddc027cd

Time to head to campus. Spend 3 hours learning from an industry expert teacher, with like-minded students. Share and present your ideas, with hands-on help from our teaching assistants.

12 oclock 429aab5b188d04d30d3bf272470aa0f6fcb3ca541efedee1d93556d64099f383

After class, apply your learnings and perfect your course project. Head out for a bite to eat and brainstorm with your classmates, or grab a seat in the student lounge to merge your collective brain power.

5 oclock 6f21d9c1f12d8480ff862f9d5ac39594d05a37cdf533834b22ddcfe8af82185b

Check your iX calendar for evening electives. Join a local cooking class in the city, or attend an iX professional development workshop – whatever floats your boat.

Mark steelman e25178c83c961b6d1633365234a8c124808562914c1c348c054fd3571f5775cc

"My classroom was a glass box above a central café where students were studying together and chatting to CEOs on their coffee break."

Mark Steelman, iX 2017.

If you feel a little nervous about this bit, don't. The iX team, your teachers, and internship managers will offer endless support to reach your full potential.

8 oclock 0cdbec0079d1ba45e8f42e0cae18835cd805a3c4de1fad91002b193fed6dd096

Time to make your way to work! Grab some breakfast at the corner bakery and join the city rush.

9 oclock 0275487b09a2d747a7a9d4ba920076f922e55922ade2da9eadb802e089da4aa3

As you’re with one company for four weeks, it’s easier to deep-dive into your assigned project. Seek out the people in charge and spend time asking questions, dedicating yourself to applying your newly learned skill in a professional environment.

5 oclock 6f21d9c1f12d8480ff862f9d5ac39594d05a37cdf533834b22ddcfe8af82185b

By now, you’re familiar with the city, and probably keen to explore on your own steam. Spend evenings soaking in a sunset or hitting up all the foodie hotspots you can squeeze in. There are still occasional electives, and our iX team members are always arranging get togethers, so join the crew or ride solo. You do you.

Mark steelman e25178c83c961b6d1633365234a8c124808562914c1c348c054fd3571f5775cc

"I had never been in a work environment that made me so happy and motivated to work with full effort."

You’ve had a full and intense week of class, so pressure’s off on the weekend. You can also pick from awesome iX excursions during course weekends.

8 oclock 0cdbec0079d1ba45e8f42e0cae18835cd805a3c4de1fad91002b193fed6dd096

It's time to get ready for your weekend excursion. In Cape Town, you might hit the waves for a group surf lesson, snorkel with seals, or take part in a cultural tour that might involve learning some slick dance moves. Whatever it is, you can be sure that it’s going to be exhilarating.

2 oclock 27b69d6449e17152ca650d767f68386be8178ab54645c751499a52556a4d1033

Free time means exploring with your new friends, catching up with family and friends back home, or unwinding before another week of learning and growth.

8 oclock 0cdbec0079d1ba45e8f42e0cae18835cd805a3c4de1fad91002b193fed6dd096

If you’re living life as an intern, weekends mean total freedom! Head out of the city and visit world renowned wine farms, or arrange a trip to another town along the coast. If your folks are visiting, it’s also an opportunity to show off the city you’ve been calling home for the last few weeks.

Mark steelman e25178c83c961b6d1633365234a8c124808562914c1c348c054fd3571f5775cc

"I went surfing, ate at a food market that seemingly had food from every culture, and went to a beer festival filled with many thriving local breweries – all during my first weekend."

The proof is
in our 650+ alumni.

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Liza mcpherson 579f1172a74dcc457cc9e233fb395a8a8d34bb4f8b491a6ce9dac82fa13146c1

"After two months of learning and adventuring in the most magical place I could imagine, I am returning to school confident in my decision to major in Computer Science and am relatively certain that I want to be a software engineer after I graduate."

Liza McPherson, Harvard '18

Alex tenn cdadedb1b43aa8037a284f8a168eaa7930974efc2bf1c7fe86675463c21c49bb

"This was the best summer / intern / study abroad ever. iX is an incredible opportunity to learn how to make amazing stuff, better than half the nonsense you see on the web, as well as see beautiful Cape Town that you've heard so much about."

Alex Tenn, Yale '14

Jessie osterman 15d78f6b6d19890586ec03ed6bde59e585f12cede48bd53dc59e2e2f93c5ba33

"Being able to build a functional app in a matter of weeks seemed impossible at the start, but iX made it happen for every student. Cape Town is a city that stole my heart and I only wish I could've had more time to be immersed in it longer."

Jessie Osterman, NYU '18

Phoebe brown ff053beab9f64b8f18d795d26fce16203a545a4bedda2e86a35fa56af4b306d8

"For me, iX presented a world of opportunities I hadn't yet considered. Learning about a new industry, exploring an incredible country, embarking on exhilarating adventures, and getting hands-on experience in an internship with an international company made for an unbelievable summer."

Phoebe Brown, Princeton '16

Yiming lin 07cb1b0dd459274d4775b8d695582c207bddf4c96af566f625bc5cd11acef919

"iX is a program that combines cultural immersion and self-exploration, in addition, to a set of business acumen that allows you to jump start your career. Over the course of 8 weeks, I've learned what it means to become a consultant, dined in some of the tastiest restaurants in the world, explored and experienced South Africa to its fullest."

Yiming Lin, UVA '17

Celia aidinoff 613a2ba473983a15b09466eee0384fba71b6bb9676ce3cacb9c007d3c4246ea0

"iXperience provided me with a truly incredible summer. Not only did I learn concrete skills which I immediately applied in my internship, but I also forged meaningful friendships while exploring an exciting new place. iXperience pushed me to grow as a student and as a person."

Celia Aidinoff, UVA '17

Braden casady 6018c1c4efe3ada2084ca413a99570c2ef0b502893d3f11dfc60774136f0adce

"iX was the best summer of my life. From the people and the classes to all of the crazy weekend activities and the internship, I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time. IX also has prepared me for the upcoming interview process and I feel confident and ready to succeed."

Braden Casady, UVA '17

Oliver jenkins 7c711cff12e642e7254b2153f53a2f72ac368fc193265f0f7dadc7ffa22bed5f

"iX was a truly awesome experience, meshing invaluable finance related experience with adventure, friendship, and new perspectives. I would recommend this to anyone who is not only interested in gaining a deep insight into the world of finance, but also interested in discovering a new city and culture!"

Oliver Jenkins, Cambridge '17

Cindy wei c5e5ab1eafb1f0ded7cfa440a6267a3e7a2c21bf0cce2ab6d163627bbd868b7e

"iXperience was a magical summer that could never be replicated. I was able to sky dive (twice!), bungee jump (twice!), shark cage dive, and sand board for the first time! I also learned practical financial modeling skills, which I used during my internship, with one of the best lecturers I've ever had."

Cindy Wei, NYU '18

Charlotte searle fafb826e9efbc80b00e62028844d4eb32dff98a82d10055e25d35c4f470c03c8

"I learned more than I ever imagined, explored one of the most beautiful cities in the world. iX gave me a chance to escape the familiar - I never imagined I would jump off the tallest bungee jumping bridge in the world or get face-to-face with Great Whites. Similarly, I never imagined I'd create a ridesharing app in the first month."

Charlotte Searle, UVA '17

Susana yepes cfb26ab84f22998431cf036bf3f30d6cdbe4fa6f4005fdcb882e21395de1b380

"iX goes above and beyond to not only teach the students a whole language, but to make sure that every student has the summer of their lifetime. I couldn't imagine a better city to move to for two months. My only warning is you'll never want to go home!"

Susana Yepes, Boston University '17

Stanley zuo 304dcb3c8eb8f4615453f3da98f3a2d69f938b43f6a4d41321c60ebb3cd7c95f

"iX meant developing a new skill with a new group of people. It meant broadening my horizons and taking a risk to step out of my comfort zone. Mostly importantly, iX meant challenging myself both mentally and physically to push my boundaries."

Stanley Zuo, NYU '17

Mark steinbrick c4a329325f3f60142a1999120b058c618110a4332056fbb5e035ed18de19c784

"iX is a world of opportunity. I couldn't imagine there is a better summer program out there in terms of how much you will learn and what there is to do around you. I will be remembering my days in Cape Town for a long time to come. "

Mark Steinbrick, Harvard '17

Max martin 797c067a3cc2685649e0c1e3d10f0acb867168d478cba22ac8c9b99641a1302c

"iXperience was a one of a kind learning and cultural immersion. I gained experience and knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom in ways I never had before. I can now say that I have incredible new skills and have used what I learned to make an impact at a start up company in Cape Town."

Max Martin, Yale '18

Alexander ortiz 808c363508c36b6b26f0995a334c71575ce469671cabb45272443c3f1fbe05bd

"IX was an opportunity to grow and discover. To explore a dynamic and captivating country, develop practical technical skills, and leave behind the comfort of the familiar to join a diverse assembly of scholars, artists, and adventurers at the edge of the world."

Alexander Ortiz, Stanford '16

Cameron cross 3922812f6aa259b45d4d359ec94d92a8eea548ed70aaca54e10802f2be1da2cd

"The magic of iXperience is so powerful that it could create successful developers, consultants, bankers, or even astronauts if that’s who its students wanted to be."

Cameron Cross, UVA '16

Lisbon culture portrays one of the most important parts of study abroad: to not only experience a culture that’s different from that you’re used to, but to be intentional about what you take back with you.

Rafi Khan, iX Co-Founder

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